Meet the CEO

Patrick Van RooyenPatrick van Rooyen is the Managing Partner and CEO of GoGlobal Educational Initiatives (2015) and Executive Director of Conquez USA and the World Education Group, U.S. corporations providing a range of services in international education. With thirty years of international business experience, he guided an independent, select and professional business network that specialized in relationship management, executive education, international business and economic development, working in over 70 countries. He has directed a range of highly successful business projects from public listings and multinational business activities in trade and economic development accomplishments globally.

In 2015 he completed a six-year contract in establishing and building Navitas USA in America. Navitas is a billion-dollar Australian public company and a global leader in international student programs. Patrick’s work with Navitas in the USA during 2009-2010 establish the company in the USA and evolved the first five major University Partnerships for Navitas. Appointed General Manager of Navitas USA, he also assumed responsibility for the three University of Massachusetts flagship pathway programs, as Head of Navitas Operations, University of Massachusetts. In his six-year leadership role with Navitas 2,500 international students were recruited for the U.S. university partners and a range of new dynamic pathway and other programs created. Since launching, GoGlobal Education has forged new partnerships and linkages with a focus on the Middle East, Africa, China and the Indian Sub-Continent and in 2016 signed agreements with Iranian based partners.

During 2000-2010 he created a series of invigorating workforce development and global educational initiatives for economic business development. These were focused on employer driven job skills training. He initiated national award winning programs with the U.S Department of Labor for youth training and career development and was named US Army Civilian of Year in 2003 for his initiatives in increasing recruitment. During this time, he also served on the Massachusetts Governor’s Workforce Investment Board and the Governors Job Corps Task Force in New Hampshire. He maintains strong political and business development networks in many countries.

Originally from Western Australia, Patrick attended Trinity College and served as a Commissioned Officer with the Australian Army in Armored Corps units. He also served with the International Red Cross and is a dual graduate of the Australian Counter Disaster College. He completed his Diploma in Accounting in Australia, and his post graduate studies in the UK and USA. He has resided in the U.S for over twenty years.

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