GoGlobal Partnership Creates New Offices in Iran and UAE

Manchester, New Hampshire: Monday April 11, 2016

New partnership agreements by New Hampshire based GoGlobal LLC, (dba Global Education Initiatives) has created a range of opportunities for U.S education in both Iran and the Arab Emirates. The new partnerships with long-established Honari International Education based in Tehran and Dubai, will create new opportunities for regional educational institutions that are eager to grow their international student recruitment, study abroad programs and partnerships with overseas universities.

“It’s exciting”, said GoGlobal CEO, Patrick van Rooyen, “with the lifting of sanctions in Iran this year we can expect a rapid growth in Iranian students seeking academic opportunities in the U.S. The UAE, Kuwait, Oman, and Saudi Arabia with the Middle East has a total of over 96,000 students in the U.S and continues to be a source of excellent opportunity for joint academic partnerships for U.S. institutions.” Recent statistics released by the State Department’s Institute of International Education show an 11.2% increase during 2014-15 of Iranian students studying in the U.S, to a total of 11,338 students. This figure is far short of the over 51,000 students in 1979-80 when Iran was the leading destination in sending students to the U.S., many of whom stayed and became significant academic leaders in the U.S and notable American business identities.

Amongst its clients, GoGobal undertakes all the international business development and marketing for Florida based Beacon College, the only fully accredited U.S. institutions offering both two and four years degrees for students that learn differently. “The opportunities that Beacon, as an example of the diversity of U.S education, creates for sectors of our global student population is significant”, said van Rooyen. “These young men and women often have no other options for university education. A U.S degree, that economically stronger families can afford is of high value. This enables them to benefit from the Beacon College experience and leads to careers, employability and life success”.

GoGlobal is also currently working with universities in New York State and New York City in building educational partnerships and joint campuses. “The direction of international education is changing; no longer can one country, such as the US, simply expect students to come to study for four years at the current cost of education. The future of international education is in joint programs with an expectation that students from Western countries will spend a year or more studying internationally at acceptable and accredited partner universities”. Van Rooyen said that likewise, the costs of US education may prevent international students a full four years in the US or other Western countries such as the UK or Australia. “They may be able to afford two years but not four”. He said that importance of the Arabic language and the economic strength of the Middle East presented real opportunities for American students beyond a “study abroad”.

He recently returned from the UAE and India following meetings with the key leaders in education and special needs education with a focus on Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah as well as developing university partnerships in New Delhi and Mumbai. The meetings included a range of investors seeking opportunities in international education, Honari International Education and the United States Commercial Services as well as other educational entities.

Van Rooyen also stressed the growing international opportunities for workforce development programs and training. “The increase in interest in STEM focused employability skills programs has increased rapidly in the last six years. There some excellent opportunities for US schools and career programs to forge partnerships and offer courses ranging from robotics to advanced manufacturing in the UAE and India”.

Honari International Education based in Tehran was formed by Dr. M Morteza Honari, a recognized Iranian and international scholar. Dr. Honari is a senior academic, consultant and expert on international relations in a variety of sectors, holding a PhD in Human Ecology from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland and becoming the first doctoral graduate in human ecology from that University.

An author of numerous books and research and scientific papers in the fields of health, human ecology, culture and the environment, Dr. Honari has thirty years of academic and consulting experience, with a strong background in research and research management. Dr. Honari said that he was very pleased to be opening the partnership with GoGlobal.

“In Iran we see the lifting of sanctions as a new phase of global opportunity and dialogue and there are thousands of Iranian students that will value the academic and cultural interchange with the U.S, as well for U.S. students coming to Iran. We welcome them!”

Van Rooyen also noted the nearly 16,000 students are in the U.S from the UAE and close countries, such as Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman. “Some international universities have formed successful partnerships in the UAE as well as establishing off-shore campuses. The region is dynamic and the young residents eager to seize the opportunity for academic study and experience the U.S and our culture”.

He said that specific to New Hampshire, many opportunities now exist for New Hampshire based secondary schools and universities and colleges to create new relationships with institutions in the region and Iran – as well as stimulating their international student recruitment. In May-June 2016 GoGlobal and Honari Education will combine and lead an educational initiatives trade mission to Iran.

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